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IMG_1781You know what would be really nice? I’m sure you do, but I don’t right now. Amidst a sea of swimming amongst working, playing and booking shows, a quickly approaching summertime, and a sleep schedule that can’t settle, I don’t even know what would be nice. I’d settle for tolerable.

In the last week since I returned from a hiatus to Buffalo, NY and Toronto, I have been going nonstop. Work is constant, between a massage job,  a serving job, and two awesome shows I have had no time to work on anything new. I still have fun playing, but the repertoire is lacking, and I just need to be writing… So here I go in blog land once again. I failed last time to keep up with this, but I hope to keep going as I think it will be a good exercise in consistency. As I find myself on my computer in almost an addictive fashion, I figure I may as well publish some things while I’m at it.

This last week I had the privilege of meeting my hero, Comedian and author, Zach Anner in Buffalo at the Birchfield Penney Art Center. After an awesome presentation where he was interviewed about his awesome shows, of which I’ve seen almost all, and a question and answer session, I was just as impressed as I was before. As a person who has physical limitations caused by Cerebral Palsy (“The Sexiest of the Palsies”, as he states), Zach Anner defies the odds. He carries an amazing attitude, hosting travel shows, interviewing Oprah, and now has written an awesome book called “If at Birth You Don’t Succeed” which is every bit as funny as it is inspirational. What I love about his work is the way that he’ll let you in to his life, no holds barred, with no apologies. By doing so you feel like in a world where everything seems connected by half truths and candy coating, that maybe, just maybe the real way to connecting with others is to let them see the good and the bad, your successes and failures, the top of your potential, and the bottom of your shortcomings.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, that this blog is probably going to let you in a little more because I now see it’s the only way to write. I’ve been scared for a long time, of thinking that what I say is unimportant, thinking maybe I’m going to offend people, Thinking that I’ll go too far (which I do). I’ve just never done it in writing. But to that line of thinking, I say screw it…. Let’s just say it out loud and get it over with. Maybe someday I’ll strike a chord and it’ll resonate to the end of time….